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Hot water pool whose temperature is generally between 33 and 35 degrees and which offers massages via the nozzles located on the walls of the Spa.
Relaxation and relaxation will be the key words of your sessions.

Today, it is common to find hot springs around the world that are beneficial for the body and the mind.
In Japan, it is the thermal waters of Onsen, in the town of Minakami, which invite you to live a unique experience in the middle of the mountains.

In Bolivia, you will have to go to the town of Charlviri to discover the thermal waters of Polques, where you can enjoy a natural medicinal bath in water at 29°.

The spa, heated between 32 and 37°, is therefore the best solution to rediscover the benefits of balneotherapy.

The beneficial effects are numerous. Among them, the reduction of body pain, faster recovery, better relaxation and, more generally, taking time for yourself in order to gain peace of mind.

There are three types of spa :
The spa says “ portable ” for the individual
The spa called “ semi professional ” for institutes and small hotel structures
The so-called “skimmer or overflow spa ” for the well-being or hospitality professional

Here again, the Nöje teams will support you from the design to the completion of your project !
Do not hesitate to contact us.


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