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A recognized specialist in tailor-made saunas in France, we offer you a study for your sauna, which we can adapt according to your wishes.

The practice of sauna has existed for thousands of years in the Nordic countries and is becoming more and more popular in France.

The term “ sauna ” has its origins in Finland. In Scandinavian countries, this type of sweat bath followed by cooling is very common.

A ritual in its own right, the sauna offers heat, steam, scents and even colors. All your senses are awakened to provide you with relaxation and serenity for a unique experience to live alone or to share.

The beneficial effects of the sauna arise directly from the direct cooling of the body combined with sauna baths. You will thus be able to tone the skin tissues or even strengthen your immune system through the action of combined heat and cold.
More generally, sauna practice greatly contributes to the proper functioning of the cardiovascular system.

Finally, a sauna bath will also give you a significant anti-stress effect by releasing endorphins.

There are three types of sauna :
- The dry sauna
- The wet sauna
- The infrared sauna cabin

To support you in your standard or custom sauna project, do not hesitate to contact us.


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