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A real beauty asset, the hammam has become an essential and popular element. We offer tailor-made support in carrying out your project with a wide choice of cabins.

The Moorish bath, more commonly called hammam, is a humid heat bath.
Contrary to popular belief, the hammam has its origins in Roman baths. Indeed, the practice of hammam developed in the Ottoman Empire. Later, it became democratized by becoming a popular tradition in Eastern countries.
A true ritual of well-being, it promotes sweating, which will allow cleaning (often with black soap) and thus promote the exfoliating treatment (or scrub), essential during a hammam session !
It is also possible to combine enveloping massages or even essential oils.

The beneficial effects are just as interesting as those of the sauna, and even complementary. It opens the pores of the skin and helps eliminate impurities and bacteria. It clears the sinuses and airways. A hammam session will also ease muscular tension to achieve better relaxation.

There are two types of cabins :
- The prefabricated glass hammam cabin
- The tailor-made hammam cabin ready to tile

We will be happy to support you in your Hammam project. Do not hesitate to contact us.


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